Corinna Stoeffl is a creator who loves photography. From taking the  standard form of images, she she moved to utilizing the incredible possibilities of multiple exposure images, Corinna became inspired and came up with her way of using the technique. You can see those photographs on her site for fine art photography.

Corinna enjoyed the fact that they were all created in-camera, not ny using programs. If you would have told her that she would ever use apps to work with images, she would have laughed. It seems Corinna was wrong. She discovered an immense joy in manipulating the images by moving sliders and adding pieces. Seeing what she can create that pleases her eye, that portrays energy or the interplay of colors. As time goes by, she is pushing it and the overall tone of the images changes

After getting many comments on the images, Corinna decided to create this site to display the ones she like the most and make them available. Enjoy!